Metal fabrication services to rely on

Outsource to fabrication experts that will help your business fulfil its orders on time and in budget

Speeding up the fabrication process

A Kent-based engineering company with tonnes of experience with service providers and manufacturers with metal fabrication across the UK.

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Fit into your product line

For our clients outsourcing means putting their order in the hands of fabrication experts who know their product line

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Validate your idea early

TJC Engineering work with the ideas and plans you have for your project working with you from the design stage to the completion

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Customer service

The customer service you receive at TJC Engineering includes keeping the lines of communication open and doing all we can to help

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Trusted and established

There is no substitute for the trust built between our clients and us. We back up all claims that we make with a solid working background

Metal fabrication on your doorstep

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced metal fabrication outsource for your business? We are a local Kent based engineering company with tonnes of experience. This experience helps companies like yours fulfil your services or supply your products.

Do you have..?

An idea scribbled down in your mind?

Talk to expert engineers who can guide you through the process

Drawings ready to be fabricated?

We can discuss your drawings and make sure they are good to go.

Issues with your current fabrication supplier?

Maybe it’s time to swap with little hassle to us.

No space and need extra capacity to manufacture your product?

Show us your process and we can make sure we fit right in.

Steps to manufacture your product

1: Efficient product design

From scratch or using existing drawings we will make sure your product is the most efficient it can be and that it works!

More about product design

2: Prototyping

You want to know your product really works. The drawings can only say so much so, let’s make a one-off and test it.

More about prototyping

3: Fabrication

Our fabrication process meets any challenge - from small items like brackets to large-scale projects such as street furniture

Laser cutting services

Your product will always be cut to perfection. We deliver high-quality precision laser cut components throughout the South East and beyond.

Laser cutting services

4: Finishing

Finishing is an essential stage - it completes the aesthetics and performance of the finished piece. Every product or component part passes through our finishing department after machining to undergo final preparation including painting, plating, galvanising, and powder coating.

Our finishing process

5: Assembly & delivery

Your product can be fully assembled here, liaising with your other part suppliers if needed. Assembly work is fully tested and maintains strict quality procedures to ensure absolute customer satisfaction - supported by detailed control records.

More about delivery & assembly

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    Is the price right?

    Arrange a test run, prototype, or a site visit

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